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Transiting Mars Conjuntion











Transiting Mars in the Signs ~ stimulates action via the sign being transited.
Transiting Mars in the Houses ~ is dynamic on the angle Houses and increases tension and/or bring excitement and activity of the House being transited.

Cycle and Frequency of Transit in life ~ For Conjunctions and Oppositions - once in 687 Days. For Squares and Trines - twice in 687 days. It takes Mars 22 months to travel thru all the Signs and Houses. Approximately 45 days per sign.

Length of Transit ~ 2 - 3 Days (on exact degree). For retrograde action and multiple passes it can take a month or two. Retrograde action ~ every two years for about 2 1/2 months. Has connections with accidents, surgeries, wars and skirmishes beginning. Hot tempers are prevalent.

Planetary Honors and Dishonors
-------Dignity -------Detriment -----Exaltation -----Fall
Aries/Scorpio ---Taurus/Libra ---Capricorn ----Cancer

Mars Rules Aries/Scorpio. Day is Tuesday. Color ~ Red